We have over 10 years of combined experience in commercial, industrial and investment mortgages and offer finance options for any size project:

  • plazas
  • factories
  • office buildings
  • raw land
  • institutional and specialty properties
  • land servicing and development
  • Apartment buildings (from fourplex to high rise)

Typical requirements for commercial mortgages are the following:
1) 30%-35% down payment from company’s or its owner resources
2) Appraisal report confirming the value of the property leveraged
3) 2 year financial statements for the business
4) Environmental report confirming that property is not contaminated

When it comes to putting together due diligence package for a commercial mortgage transaction, knowing the market and requirements from different lenders. My knowledgeable associates know how to stabilize the existing financial statements, taking out expenses that are going to be saved up by a new commercial property acquisition, in order to add to debt service ability of the company.

Working with appraisers, and properly selecting appraisal firm for commercial appraisal is also very important. Some appraisal firms could not be used for commercial appraisals, due to very selective nature of the lenders. Therefore its out most important to order appraisal reports from proper firms, that will be accepted by the list of lenders that are looking to finance the commercial